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Are you a portfolio landlord? If so, you’ll know disposing of multiple property assets isn’t the easiest of tasks. The job will probably be beyond the skillset of a High Street estate agent – especially if the portfolio is large - so you’ll need a professional buyer whose speciality is buy-to-let portfolios.

There are a number of options open to landlords with portfolios – many of which are costly, complex and time consuming. Among those are selling individual properties to other landlords, selling properties on the open market to owner-occupiers or offering tenants the opportunity to buy where they live.

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Do you want to sell a property portfolio? If so, you’ll want to avoid a number of scenarios. Firstly, you’ll want to avoid having to start the eviction process if your properties are occupied. You’ll also want to minimise void periods that can occur when selling on the open market. Lastly, you’ll want to avoid spending too much money on a property you’re disposing of, including any transactional fees.

Landlords, we buy all types of rented and vacant property, no matter the condition, lease length, tenancy type or location. We’re professional property buyers and as we buy for cash, we can offer you a quick portfolio sale, whether you have 2 or 100 buy-to-let properties. We make cash offers for individual buy-to-lets, portions of a portfolio or an entire portfolio – whichever suits the landlord best. There’s no hassle of using an agent, no waiting for the right market conditions and no costs to erode your profit margin.

Are you a portfolio landlord?

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Do you need to evict tenants when selling a portfolio?

If you sell your portfolio to a cash buyer or another landlord, there is a good chance the tenants can stay in the properties on their current tenancy agreements. If the properties are being sold on the open market in hope of finding owner-occupier buyers, the properties should ideally be vacant and free of tenants when listed for sale.

Do you need to sell the entire portfolio or can it be split?

Selling a property investment portfolio can present a challenge and the exercise needs specialist management. Individual buy-to-lets will be valued in a different way to a portfolio, so it’s worth exploring what strategy will generate the best return on investment.

Landlords will, however, need to consider the cost of selling individual properties on the open market or to another investor versus selling an entire portfolio to an investor or cash buyer. The fees and the timescales can be drastically different – something to bear in mind if you need to sell property fast.

Sell A Property Investment Portfolio Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to sell a property investment portfolio?

If you use a High Street agent, costs will vary. You’ll need to factor in a percentage of the total asset value to cover the agent’s fee, possible EPC charges, legal fees and VAT. LandlordBuyer doesn’t charge estate agency fees, and we’ll pay your legal fees and cover the cost of any EPC’s as well.

Do the portfolio properties need to be in habitable condition?

We understand that landlords want to minimise what they spend on property maintenance and cosmetic work – especially if they’re disposing of their assets. That’s why LandlordBuyer will make cash offers for portfolios where the properties may need modernisation or where they are in a poor state of repair.

What happens to my portfolio after I sell it?

As well as being professional buyers, we are property managers, landlords and property developers. Landlord Buyer will asset manage the portfolio, with refurbishing, re-letting, re-selling and retaining all options open to us.

Can I sell my property to another investor?

LandlordBuyer are professional investors, and we purchase all types of vacant and rented property from landlords and homeowners throughout England.

Landlords choose to sell to us to save the hassle and stress of selling property on the open market, as it is common that tenants do not want viewings and they can deter potential buyers. LandlordBuyer can purchase properties without viewing internally, and therefore there is no disruption to your tenants.

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