LandlordBuyer are specialist buyers of property with sitting tenants. We buy property with all types of tenants including: AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancies) protected tenants, life agreements, assured tenants and verbal or informal arrangements.

In addition, our service means that, as a landlord, you do not need to inform or alert your tenants – and we assure you of complete discretion. Internal inspections are not required to enable us to formulate an offer for you as we complete a desktop valuation.

Sell a buy to let property and release your capital

We make instant cash offers for buy to let property so that you do not experience any void period while waiting for the property to sell. Your tenants can remain in occupation in most cases, and we will simply take over the tenancy and liaise with your tenants discretely following completion of our purchase.

Benefit from selling your property with tenants in situ

We have many years of experience in handling tenants, and the associated problems that can arise. And we have helped hundreds of homeowners release the cash tied up in their property. Some of the most popular reasons that landlords are selling property to us include:

  • Time and hassle saving by selling to a cash buyer as opposed to through agents
  • Guarantee of a cash sale
  • Freeing up your time to enjoy the things you want in life
  • Certainty that you can sell your property
  • Paying off the mortgage and reducing debt
  • Giving money to family
  • Moving abroad or relocation
  • Taking more holidays and enjoying retirement with more capital
  • Fed up with the cost of repairs, management and insurance, before any income can be paid to the landlord
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Avoid complications when informing tenants in situ that you may sell

By selling to us, you can avoid some of the problematic scenarios that can arise when telling your tenants that you’re selling up. These include:

  • The tenant may hand in their notice, causing a void period for the landlord to pay the mortgage while awaiting the sale of a property – an empty property now also incurs a council tax liability, and can attract crime and asset theft
  • The tenant might talk negatively about the property or location to potential buyers when showing the property
  • The tenant may refuse to allow viewings of the property
  • A tenant in occupation limits the number of people a property can be sold to because most buyers will be using mortgage finance, and most lenders require vacant possession before allowing mortgage funds to be drawn down
  • A tenant does not have a vested interest in selling the property, and may not cooperate by making sure the property is clean and tidy for viewings. This is a common problem that we face with our portfolio.

Got a question about sitting tenants?

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Sell With Sitting Tenants Frequently Asked Questions

What information is provided to tenants when selling a property with sitting tenants?

Our professional team, including experienced property managers, will provide your tenants with all the information they need as soon as the sale is agreed. Although the changeover will be seamless, we will introduce ourselves and explain how the tenancy will continue.

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What happens with the maintenance, repairs and costs when selling a tenanted property fast?

Landlord Buyer will never ask landlords to complete outstanding maintenance or DIY jobs, as we buy properties for cash in any state of repair. Even if your property is dilapidated, our team of trades will undertake all the repair work necessary and at no cost to you.

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Will there ever be a void period when selling a tenanted property to a cash house buying company?

Although we purchase buy-to-lets with tenants in situ, we also buy vacant properties. We will manage the property’s future occupancy from the completion date, therefore void periods will no longer be the concern of the landlord.

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Can you sell a house with a tenant not paying rent?

You can sell a house with a tenant not paying rent but it will alter your course of sale. If you try the open market, you’ll realistically only appeal to fellow landlords. Even then, many landlords will overlook the prospect of taking on a bad tenant. An alternative is selling to a professional buyer, such as LandlordBuyer, who specialises in purchasing buy-to-lets where the tenant is present but is not paying rent. This avoids the landlord having to go through the stressful process of using a Section 8 notice to gain possession on grounds of unpaid rent.

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Can I evict a tenant if I want to sell my property?

Evicting a tenant can be a landlord’s only option to regain possession if the tenant doesn’t give notice or there isn’t a break clause in the contract. Attention, however, must be given to the type of tenancy in place, the time that has elapsed since the agreement was signed, the procedures followed when the tenant moved in and any protection the tenant may have. Tenants can use small errors, stall tactics or loopholes to challenge evictions.

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What if my tenant will not allow viewings?

If your tenant refuses viewings, check the wording of the tenancy agreement – it may be written in that viewings must be permitted if the house is listed for sale. If there isn’t a ‘permit viewings’ clause in the contract, a tenant has the right to refuse access, or restrict when people can view the property. No viewings will severely affect the chances of an open market sale but not every sale needs viewings to be a success. LandlordBuyer purchases homes directly, bypassing the marketing stage. There’s no need for viewings or even a ‘for sale’ board.

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