1. Landlords' profits to fall to £7 a year
  2. 13 things you should know about the Leasehold Bill
  3. 2021 Rental Prices: Are private rental prices too high for this generation of tenants?
  4. 2022 – the year of plummeting profits
  5. 6 simple steps to sell your house
  6. 60 days longer to recover rent arrears
  7. 71% of buy-to-lets need energy upgrades to stay legal
  8. Accountancy
  9. Action plan for landlords facing rent arrears
  10. Adding an office to your let: wise move or waste of time?
  11. All change: the key points contained in The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016
  12. An end to Section 21?
  13. Are evictions worth the hassle?
  14. Are lets with pets the final straw?
  15. Are savings accounts beating buy-to-lets?
  16. Are the days of passive property investment over?
  17. Avoiding catastrophic empty property costs
  18. Bed bugs: the tiny bullies heading to a rental near you
  19. Between now & 2035: everything UK landlords should know about changing energy requirements
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  21. Can I sell my buy-to-let for cash?
  22. Can I sell my rental property to another landlord?
  23. Charity work
  24. City rents stalled? Here’s what to do next
  25. Compulsory periodic tenancies: are they trouble for landlords?
  26. Contact Us
  27. Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Selling Your Home Safely
  28. Could a rent freeze ever happen in England’s private rental sector?
  29. Delays mount for landlords hoping to evict
  30. Does my tenant have to give me access to my property?
  31. Energy efficiency of properties: changes from April 2020
  32. EPCs: is it worth the energy for landlords?
  33. Everything you need to know about regulated tenancies
  34. Extra bedrooms in buy-to-lets: is it worth adding another?
  35. Fairer Private Rented Sector White Paper Update
  36. Fire safety in the spotlight
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  38. Have you got £34,000 to spend on buy-to-let repairs?
  39. How can I sell my property when it does not have an electrical inspection condition report?
  40. How can I sell my property when it does not have the minimum EPC rating?
  41. How do you sell a rented property?
  42. How is the law changing and what is Section 24?
  43. How much notice do I need to give an assured shorthold tenant?
  44. How to beat the evictions backlog in 2021
  45. How to sell a property with a short lease
  46. How to sell your buy-to-let quickly on the Isle of Wight
  47. How to sell your house with sitting tenants in East Midlands
  48. How to sell your house with sitting tenants in East of England
  49. How to sell your house with sitting tenants in North East England
  50. How to sell your house with sitting tenants in North West England
  51. How to sell your house with sitting tenants in South East England
  52. How to sell your house with sitting tenants in South West England
  53. How to sell your house with sitting tenants in the UK
  54. How to sell your house with sitting tenants in West Midlands
  55. How to sell your house with sitting tenants in Yorkshire
  56. How to solve condensation issues in a rental property
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  58. I can't afford my new mortgage repayment: what next?
  59. Increased BtL sales predicted as landlords feel the squeeze
  60. Investors
  61. Is bias the sting in the Renters’ Reform Bill tail?
  62. Is It time to sell your student let?
  63. Is it worth improving a rental property?
  64. Is now the time to invest in holiday lets?
  65. Is the great buy-to-let fire sale underway?
  66. Issues with evicting a tenant when selling a property
  67. Join our investor list
  68. Landlord frequently asked questions
  69. Landlordbuyer buy a property quickly with problem tenants.
  70. LandlordBuyer buy house quickly from a vendor looking to relocate
  71. LandlordBuyer purchase a property in Sidmouth with a long term sitting tenant
  72. LandlordBuyer purchase a tenanted property in need of complete renovation
  73. Landlordbuyer purchase a tenanted property with subsidence damage
  74. Landlords get your electrics checked now
  75. Landlords see profits shrink or disappear
  76. Landlords, we'll buy your rental and tenanted property quickly, without any hassle
  77. Landlords: are you aware of all your repair responsibilities?
  78. Latest rules on Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s)
  79. More details on the Decent Homes Standard
  80. My tenant is asking for a new kitchen
  81. My tenants won't allow viewings - can I still sell property fast?
  82. New MEES may spell the end for older rental properties
  83. No need to evict: sell with tenants in-situ today
  84. On the brink of a big buy-to-let exodus in Wales?
  85. Our customers’ success stories
  86. Post index
  87. Privacy
  88. Property maintenance swallowing up a fifth of rental income
  89. Property portfolio
  90. Reasons why landlords are increasingly falling into arrears
  91. Record number of landlords quitting BtL
  92. Reviews
  93. Rural rentals now out of fashion
  94. Section 21s: 1 in 4 regaining possession now to sell up
  95. Sell a flat with a short lease, to a guaranteed cash buyer
  96. Sell a property with sitting tenants quickly due to Section 24
  97. Sell city lets: cash waiting, thanks to Landlord Buyer
  98. Sell now & beat the incoming Renters’ Reform Bill
  99. Sell now, even with rent arrears
  100. Sell up in the South & chase the Northern Lights
  101. Sell up, cash in & move on: exit strategy considerations
  102. Sell with us
  103. Sell your buy-to-let property quickly
  104. Sell your property portfolio fast to a guaranteed cash buyer
  105. Sell your property quickly with sitting tenants
  106. Sell, buy or extend? What to do when your lease is expiring
  107. Sitting tenants? You can still sell your buy-to-let
  108. Taxation Changes
  109. Tenant evictions and latest news on Section 21 cases
  110. Testimonials
  111. The benefits of selling a property with sitting tenants
  112. The biggest threat to landlords might surprise you
  113. The future of buy-to-let mortgages under scrutiny
  114. The good, the bad & the ugly side of tenant behaviour
  115. The issues of selling a property with tenants in situ
  116. Time to cash in and check out?
  117. Understanding the ‎new Energy Efficiency rules for landlords
  118. Update: holiday lets continue to perform strongly
  119. Videos for Landlords
  120. What can I do if my tenant will not leave?
  121. What could the Decent Homes Standard look like?
  122. What happens to my tenants once you’ve bought my buy-to-let?
  123. What is the best way to sell a rental property in London?
  124. What it costs to make the top 3 eco improvements
  125. What makes us different when buying your rental property?
  126. What two new White Papers mean for landlords
  127. What’s the cost of holding an empty property?
  128. When was the last time you reviewed your rent level?
  129. Who We Are
  130. Why landlords may struggle to remortgage in the current climate
  131. Will registration & licensing spell the end of your BtL?
  132. Will rent be the last bill to be paid in 2023?
  133. Will tough new EPC rules force your exit?
  134. You can sell your rental property to LandlordBuyer without viewings

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