If you have been holding on for the property market to peak, here is the news you’ve been waiting for. UK house prices have hit a record high, with Halifax reporting that the average home now costs in excess of £270,000.

The thought of cashing in and checking out of the private rental sector has been on the minds of some landlords for a while now. Who can blame them? Punitive tax changes, growing levels of compliance and an increasingly complex green agenda to keep up with will continue to squeeze margins and potentially drain the profit out of property investment in the years to come. Now is a fantastic time to sell as house prices have risen 8.1% in the last year – up 0.9% in the last month alone.

Do you own a property in one of these areas?

If you’re a landlord in one of these areas, cashing in may be an irresistible idea. The HomeOwner Alliance House Price Watch, which used Land Registry data from August 2021, found that in England, prices had risen steepest in the North East (+13.3%), the North West (+12.4%), the West Midlands (+11%) and the East Midlands (+10.3%).

In terms of long term growth, A-Plan Insurance looked at house prices rises over the last decade and found that Waltham Forest had seen the biggest value increase over the last 10 years, at +127%. Hackney (+105%), Barking & Dagenham (+96%), Lewisham (+91%), Haringey (+89%), Newham (+88%), City of Bristol (+87%), Merton (+85%), Bexley (+85%) and Greenwich (+84%) made up the rest of the top 10.

Wherever your buy-to-let, request an up-to-date valuation now and see for yourself just how much your property is worth.

Speed is of the essence

Landlords will need to sell property fast if they want to exit the buy-to-let market and make the most of any capital appreciation, as dark clouds are gathering on the horizon. While ‘expert’ forecasts are not always accurate, the analysts at Knight Frank are usually spot on. They say an almost inevitable rise in interest rates – coupled with a predicted increase in properties for sale and the end of the stamp duty holiday – will curb house prices rises as we enter 2022.

Complete this time next week

Whether you have been mulling over the prospect of selling one or all of your buy-to-lets – or you’ve made a snap decision - an express property sale is the best way to ensure you sell at the peak and don’t miss the boat. LandlordBuyer offers the quickest way to cash in, with completion in as little as seven days for those who want to sell before property prices start to tumble.

Sell with sitting tenants

One of the biggest perceived barriers to selling a buy-to-let is sitting tenants and we understand the properties that may have appreciated the most will come complete with renters who are seeing out a tenancy agreement or may even have protected status. So here at LandlordBuyer, we purchase occupied rental properties.

We buy your investment property as is – not only with your tenants in situ but also in its current condition and with any length of lease. For many landlords, selling to LandlordBuyer will be the speediest – and perhaps only - selling method and as we buy for cash, any property profit is available upon completion.

Free your equity today

Figures from Statista show that house prices between January 2009 and June 2021 have risen by £108,434, so it’s only natural for landlords to want to tap into this growth, especially if they have an interest-only mortgage. Start the cashing in process and contact the LandlordBuyer team today.

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