Making your property available to tenants is based on trust, especially when you consider landlords are allowing strangers who have an increasing amount of legal protection to live in their most valuable asset.

In this blog, LandlordBuyer looks at the types of tenants you may come across when letting your property out. While we hope all your renters fall in the ‘good’ category, we can help you resolve matters when things turn bad or even ugly.

The good

Every landlord dreams of law-abiding tenants who pay their rent on time, every month. It helps if they keep the property in immaculate condition, are careful with fixtures and fittings, and check out having performed a deep clean.

If you have good tenants, you may want to offer them a longer tenancy agreement and perhaps reward their loyalty and good behaviour by not raising the rent by much...or at all, as having a reliable tenant is better than a bothersome one.

The bad

Some tenants fall into bad habits - perhaps they are occasionally late with rent or like to cook without using the extractor fan. If their behavior starts affecting the value of your property, however, they will need closer monitoring. Drying wet clothes inside and failing to ventilate, for instance, may lead to damaging condensation, damp and mould.

If you’re worried your tenants fall into the bad category and would like to consider an exit plan, we can purchase your buy-to-let, complete with sitting tenants. Why not request a no-obligation cash offer now?

The ugly

Even if your tenants passed the refereeing process with flying colours, they could still prove troublesome. Evictions can be stressful, slow to enforce and costly too, so you may find yourself needing to sell property fast – especially if your tenants rarely pay the rent, willfully neglect or damage the let, are anti-social or are running illegal operations from the address.

Sell to us without evicting your tenants

LandlordBuyer will happily purchase your buy-to-let with your tenants still in place, even if they are in arrears, are classed as a nuisance or if the renters have wrecked the property. Don’t forget, we buy properties for cash, with money transferred to your bank account within seven working days, if required, for a quick financial boost.

We buy any buy-to-let for cash

We are professional property buyers, landlords and property managers with instant access to funds for an express property sale. You can sell to us with tenants in situ or if your flat has a short lease.

Start your sale now

If the thought of selling up to rid yourself of bad or ugly tenants has crossed your mind, you may find our frequently asked questions section useful. Alternatively, give us a call on our freephone number 0800 240 4628, or email for friendly advice.

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