Selling a property with tenants in situ (also referred to as sitting tenants) can be a challenge, as they may not be keen on the idea of the landlord selling up and potentially being asked to leave the property. As a result, renters can make it difficult for viewings to take place.

There is a way to sell without a single viewing, however. In this blog, LandlordBuyer looks at tenants’ rights when it comes to viewings and how we can help you sell property fast - even when tenants refuse access.

I am a landlord with sitting tenants, do they have to give permission for viewings?

In short, no. If your tenant doesn’t want to allow access for viewings then they simply aren’t obliged to. Tenancy agreements sometimes contain viewing clauses that stipulate that permission for viewings must be granted but in practice, the law falls on the side of the tenant and enforcing it could be difficult - and costly. If you try to organise viewings, make sure you give plenty of notice, book them for reasonable times of day and follow the Government guidance on requesting access.

Can tenants use Covid as a reason to refuse viewings?

Absolutely! Tenants can refuse to allow viewings on the basis of Covid - especially if they are trying to protect themselves against a potential health risk. In fact, in the event of shielding, self-isolation or a positive Covid case, the tenant is well within their rights to refuse access for viewings

Could a tenant scupper a viewing?

Every landlord would like a tenant who presents their property beautifully, with the smell of freshly baked bread in the air and a clutter-free kitchen. In reality, tenants aren’t likely to go to so much trouble. You may find they don’t tidy up for a viewing, or even worse, your tenant may take the opportunity to talk down the property or the local area, putting off potential buyers and sabotaging a sale.

How can I sell my buy-to-let without viewings?

If selling with tenants in situ sounds a bit of a nightmare, it needn’t be. LandlordBuyer will happily purchase your property with sitting tenants and without a single viewing taking place. Our property buying service also comes with complete discretion - your tenants needn’t to know you are selling and there won’t be a ‘for sale’ board either. Our buying process starts with a no contact valuation – why not see how much your property sale could generate?

I can't get access to the property at all, is this a problem?

Firstly, our express property buying process means we make you an instant cash offer without having to complete an internal property inspection. And although we usually like to visit the homes we are buying, we understand that tenants can be difficult on the matter of access. If an internal inspection isn’t possible later in the sale, we will carry out a drive-by visit instead.

Sell without disturbing your tenants

Find out more about how LandlordBuyer’s process works by reading our frequently asked questions page. Prefer to deal with a real person? Call us on our freephone number 0800 240 4628 or email for advice from a member of our team.

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