There is no escaping that many Brits have wealth tied up in bricks and mortar, especially as house prices have risen by over 200% since 1999*. Property wealth is known as equity, and the amount is worked out by subtracting what is left on a mortgage, if any, from the home’s current value. So how can you get your hands on the cash?

It can be hard to access property equity, especially as many equity release schemes can carry disadvantages, and frequently can only be used by those aged over 55. If you’re a landlord with equity in your buy-to-let property, it can be even harder to access the funds – frustrating when you consider that money is rightfully yours.

Many landlords find themselves in a situation where the equity they have would serve them better elsewhere – either in a bank account, freed to buy a different property or to invest elsewhere, to fund a change in lifestyle or to balance out personal finances.

Speed also becomes of the essence for those who want to free equity when the market is at its peak – advantages can be lost quickly if a property languishes on the market for months. If you don’t want your property’s value, and therefore your equity, to ebb away day by day, you can sell a rented property for cash to LandlordBuyer in six simple steps.

Advantages of selling for cash to LandlordBuyer

Our property buying service is stress-free and transparent, and we exclusively specialize in purchasing buy-to-let properties from landlords, so you’re in experienced hands. Sell property fast to us and you’ll benefit from:-

  • A free, no obligation cash offer within 48 hours of initial contact
  • No charge for any EPC required
  • ‘Sold as seen’ – no need to carry out property repairs or maintenance
  • A completion date to suit you - as quickly as 7 working days or as long as 60 days
  • Cash paid into your bank account on completion, for fast equity access
  • No estate agency fees to pay
  • No legal fees to pay

5 situations where we will purchase your buy-to-let

  1. Cash offers for landlords with sitting tenants: there’s no need to serve notice on your tenants in situ – we’ll buy your let with renters in place and our property management department will ensure the tenancy continues seamlessly.
  2. Cash offers for properties with a short lease: if your buy-to-let is proving hard to sell because it has a short lease, don’t panic. We buy investment properties where the lease is short or due to expire.
  3. Cash offers for properties with tenants in arrears: you can stop rent arrears from building any further by selling to LandlordBuyer for cash. In fact, you can walk away from the property – and the debt – within as little as seven working days.
  4. Cash offers for properties with no electrical inspection report: if your buy-to-let won’t pass new electrical safety inspections and you don’t have the money - or inclination - to make the necessary changes, sell to us.
  5. Cash offers for properties with poor EPCs: a major landlord worry is gaining the legally-required EPC certificate, especially as standards are becoming tougher. LandlordBuyer purchases buy-to-lets with the lowest EPC ratings, so ask for a cash offer.

If you like the idea of equity in your bank account in as little as seven working days, contact LandlordBuyer today. We are professional cash buyers, full-time landlords and property managers ourselves, so we will understand your predicament.


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