Eviction notice letters

Serving notice on tenants has never been a straightforward or speedy process but the global pandemic has placed an additional strain on landlords who need tenants to leave their property.

Evictions have been on hold

Legislation has been in place since 2020 to protect tenants who may be struggling financially as a direct result of the Covid crisis. Bailiffs have not been able to service notices or carry out physical evictions, including those for mortgage repossession, in all but the most serious of circumstances.

The temporary ban is lifting

The legislative ban on evictions is lifting soon as it was only ever a temporary measure – it ends on 31st May 2021. Although this restart date is promising, activity surrounding non-egregious evictions will not happen until mid June, given that 14 days’ notice is required before an eviction can take place.

A significant backlog is expected

Before you jump for joy at being able to regain possession of your buy-to-let property in June, brace yourself for lengthy delays. It has been forecast that a rush of landlords will serve notice on their tenants from 1st June 2021 – partly due to the estimated 840,000+ tenants who are now so far behind with their rent that they simply can’t catch up – a figure reported by the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA).

Processing a deluge of eviction requests will take time, especially as the court system is still operating with limited resources. In fact, The Negotiator magazine commented in a recent article that ‘the snail’s pace court system means it is taking a year on average to evict a tenant.’

It’s also worth remembering the courts will still prioritise the most serious of cases that involve: illegal occupation, false statement, anti-social behaviour, perpetrators of domestic abuse, an unoccupied property following death of a tenant and serious rent arrears greater than six months’ rent.

Can’t wait for the eviction process?

So what next for landlords who simply want to sell their buy-to-let, perhaps to free equity or invest elsewhere? They will find themselves well and truly at the back of the evictions queue. Instead of potentially waiting up to 12 months to regain possession, landlords can engage with LandlordBuyer’s property buying service and dispose of their asset within a week.

Don’t forget ‘no fault evictions’ will also end soon

The Renters’ Reform Bill is due to come into effect in 2021, and this will see the ban of Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions, making it even harder for landlords to regain their property. Our news story on the incoming Bill is essential reading if you’re thinking of taking your property back this year.

Sell property fast – within seven days

LandlordBuyer has helped many landlords who can’t hold out for an eviction, as we buy rental properties in any shape or form quickly. You can sell property fast to us, whether there are tenants in situ, an expiring lease, dilapidations or rent arrears. Our timeframe for completion can be as short as seven says, with cash in your bank account. We’ll even take on your tenants, thanks to our in-house property management department.

Let’s start your sale now

We can make you an instant offer and become your guaranteed cash buyer. LandlordBuyer will start the buying transaction immediately, saving you the time, stress and expense of starting the eviction process. Need for information? We’re here to advise, so get in touch.

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